REC: Shutter


A paranormal investigation in an insane asylum


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REC: Shutter is a first person horror game inspired by the movie REC in which you'll have to investigate, using a handheld camera, the supernatural occurrences that are taking place in a mysterious abandoned asylum.

Throughout the entire game, you'll see all of the action through the lense of your camera which shakes from time to time, encounters interference, and has other camera problems. The advantage is that you can activate night vision at any time to see the action more clearly.

Rec: Shutter's objective is to explore the building and get out alive. However, that's easier said than done due to the paranormal presences that you'll face. Just by seeing one of these creatures will scare your character and make him move more erratically. If it gets close to you, it'll most likely kill you.

REC: Shutter is a horrifying adventure which requires stealth. Shooting, using weapons, and fighting are strictly optional. Just by running and hiding will create exactly the desired scary sensations that the game was meant to deliver.
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